Serorajya Inqlabi Party (SIP)

cropped-cropped-964637_1408162562740562_71663568_o12.jpgSerorajya Inqlabi Party (SIP) is revolutionary political party of Kashmir which is struggling for a revolutionary change to restore the historic Geographical Identity of Kashmir. Serorajya party has an ideological inspiration for Serorajya manifesto (1924)of Ubaidullah Sindhi for Geo-political sketch of subcontinent independence for British rule. This manifesto was a counter of two nations theory i.e division of subcontinent of the bases of religion. Hence Serorajya party (J&K) is struggling for a Independent state of Kashmir by offering rights and geographical and cultural Identities of different parts of United Kashmir i.e Gilgit Baltistan , Ladahkh , Jammu , Poonch as all these region have their unique cultures.

SERORAJYA INQLABI PARTY is not only struggling for Geographical exploitation of Kashmir but its also struggling against economic and democratic exploitation of this region. Serorajya Party has a comprehensive economic and democratic program for Independent State of Kashmir.

Basic slogans or main points of its manifesto are.

Human equality وحدتِ انسانیت:(A socio Economic system for people of state on humanitarian ground i.e without any discrimination of cast colour , religion.

Economic Equality : ( Program of economic Justice where state will be responsible to provide all basic necessities of life to people of state.

7 stars in flag of party shows describes 7 basic necessities of human being which Serorajya party believes that this is States responsibility to provide to people of state.

  1. Food                  5. Education

  2. Clothes             6. Health facilities

  3. House                7. Transport Facilities

  4. Marriage (Serorajya party believes that fulfillment of sexual desire by socially except able means is also basic right of human being)

( State will take all measure to provide mentioned facilities including nationalization of factors of production)


National Democracy قومی جمہوریت( Political system based on democracy )…


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